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Welcome to Vindication, a guild formed for mature players that like a relaxed atmosphere and have a great outlook. We are not 24/7 raiders, probably never will be, but we do like easygoing group activities with no aggro or arguments. We like a little pvp now and then  but mostly you'll find us in groups across the realm, just having fun. We do intend to raid, nothing heavy, but certainly regular, our Kara groups have been successful so far, with all of our members that are interested in raiding getting used to working with each other. We intend to move on to more difficult 10mans and beyond as the guild grows together, and who knows after that!. There'll be fun runs and assistance along the way as well, it doesnt have to be THAT serious !

We aim to be helpful and to create an environment that you want to log into. We're looking for mostly 18 years plus to provide a stable guild  with regular, like minded players.

Most of our members have families and <gasp> lives outside of WoW, but still manage to have fun when online. Please take a look at our rules n regs, have a wander through the site, and get a feel for the guild.

If you'd like to join us, please feel free to apply using the link on the left, or contact one of our officers in game for a chat..

Happy Hunting !

Vendera (GM 80 Gnooooom Mage), AKA Shinara, Rellick, Fearalinn

Soliasis (Officer), Dreamwatcher (Officer), Iceys (Officer), Caza, Continental, Voldor (Recruitment)

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